Kevin Michael O'Connell
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Reviews for "Inundation" artist's book:

John Bennette on August 2017:

"Kevin O'Connell's Inundation is a limited edition, hand-sewn art object that is a serious argument for the continued creation of photobooks."

Johnathan Blaustein on October 2017:

"’s called Inundation, and that’s what we’re all dealing with: the wall of shared anxiety we have to climb each day just to get out of bed, and make breakfast for the kids."

Kevin O'Connell's Photos Draw Us Into Connection With Water", by Laurie Dunklee. North Denver Tribune, September 2017:

Review of "Inundation" exhibit at Robischon Gallery by Michael Paglia, August 2016:

"The prints are technically fine, as you might expect from O’Connell, and you’ll find yourself marveling at the effects he’s able to achieve. It looks like he’s painted over the photos in places, as the images seem layered. But trust me, he hasn’t."

Review of "Inundation" exhbit at Robischon Gallery by Cori Anderson, August 2016:

"...O’Connell created a six-minute abstract video with sounds that you would hear by the water and underwater. The passing images and listening to the gurgles and bubbles creates a sensation of swimming or drowning. O’Connell accompanied this exhibition with a poetic text he wrote himself, the first line of it being, “I dreamt of the ocean. There was no gentleness—only ferocity.” ...these photographs—which appear like paintings very close up—will demand a visceral reaction from you."

Review of "Memories of Water" at Robischon Gallery by Michael Paglia, October 2014:

"There's an extremely elegant simplicity to these photos, as might be expected, given the subject of flat land and flat water. Heightening the minimalism is the fact that many are large."

Santa Fe New Mexican, on "Everything Comes Broken", February 2014:

Interview at photoeye Gallery, February 2014:

"Asking Questions"
Jackalope Magazine, February 2014

"His images of one such (wind) farm brings the viewer all the way from the edge of the plains into the nuts and bolts of a wind turbine, all within the aesthetic of a soft pastel color palette. In addition, ...O’Connell has included two looped video installations of wind turbines in action including their unique sound."

Public Radio Interview, August 2009:

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Gallery Guide for Everything Comes Broken at Museum of Contemporary Art Denver:

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